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Comfort Creature

by Comfort Creature

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released September 5, 2019

All songs written by Auður Zoëga, except
‘Pyramid Room Exit’ and ‘Glow’ (Steven Socha/Auður Zoëga)
‘Better State’ (Georgia Harvey/Auður Zoëga)

Produced by Steven Socha and Auður Zoëga

Aaron Barnden: violin
Adam Casey: voice
Anita Quayle: cello
Auður Zoëga: voice, piano
Dan Richardson: drums
Genevieve Fry: harp
Georgia Harvey: voice
Lily Thornton: cello
Steven Socha: no-input mixing board, guitar, voice

Recorded by Comfort Creature and Adam Casey
Mixed by Adam Casey at The True Vine
Mastered by Adam Dempsey at Deluxe Mastering

Artwork by Ruby Fiedler

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Comfort Creature Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Swimmer
I have found my favoured star
Coming into a landslide of harrowed tales afar

Oh we seem so far apart, but now the fog has lifted
I lift up my hands to receive all you are

Bury yourself deep under covers
Track Name: Pyramid Room Exit
Reminding me of that carousel
That spun us ‘round until we all fell
If I had my way I’d flick the switch and
Pray my prayer, say my hymn
Sing my song, and make it gone

Beyond your mouth in quivering faith
Plant myself down, you show me the way
Unbreakable, this moment in time
Will never cease, its radiant light
Fills me up, sucks me in
Leads me on, and makes me strong

Lend me your hand, invisible trust
Find the darkest spot, high water to thrust
Surrender all your cherished beliefs
Die the deepest death; cling on and release

All this grief passed on to me
Sailing ‘cross the seven seas
Making lines in yellow sand
Tears run forward on command

Underneath a veil of light
She is growing over night
Bursting forward seamlessly
Never die never cease to be
Track Name: Better State
It’s too hot to go outside
Maybe it will be worth it
Maybe I will look at a leaf and its lines and veins will bring me

Into a better state
Into a better state

Another night walk, it’ll be dark soon
A good one though; the kind I’d crawl into
The trees in the dark are silent as reassuring friends

I’m watching out for roots
I’m watching out for roots
Track Name: Numbers
Sink your teeth into me dear, stay with me then disappear
Out on a limb we climb; secret agents of divine

High above and down below, endless river endless flow
Flickering light that shines, be still and I'll tell you more

I have waited the longest day

Be it mine or be it yours, anyone that she adores
Sing out your song alone, heaven packed into a box

I have waited the longest day

We've been split in two in a forgiving space
I try to undo again and again
Although long ago, still fresh in my mind
It teases me so and the sun brings me

I have waited the longest day
Track Name: Op En
Blossom, swallowed whole
My risktaker self stirring
Undo this bondage, release those ties
So I can be wrapped up freely in rope tonight
Track Name: Glow
There may be a long descent
Down toward the deepest red
Devil’s on the landing pad
Burning as I shook his hand

Cast your mind the highest place we go
Dance around the falling straight below
Catapulting into the sun

What a place to start again
Heaven turned it up to ten
Sudden push and sudden pull
You know where we’re going again

Cast your mind the highest place we go
Dance around the falling straight below
Catapulting into the sun
Track Name: Intention
I have found the way to know
And I can see you smile y’know
I have watched you tow the line
Between the two edges
And I

And I know this won’t last until I see you next
And I know this is going to be my final test
And if that is not your way of seeing things
I’ll sure find a way, I’ll find a way,
I’ll find a way, I’ll find a way

I have found the way to say things I feel inside
And if you want to hear, just close your eyes and I will
Make you feel whatever I want to say
Make you feel whatever I want to say
I will make you feel whatever I want to say
Whatever I want to say
Whatever I want to say
Whatever I want to say
Track Name: Vicar
Den in me
Revel in slow decay endlessly
Playing dead

Slow burn
Dirty dress torn to shreds, precious sleep
Hand on heart

Spacious womb summoning into her
Kingdom come
Track Name: Zen
What’s the matter? Green upon your brow
Unsolved for now
I seek shelter, find me in the mud
Although faithful unto her

She appeared to have found herself
Innermost of them all
Explode into, tie me in a knot
Unfold half a mile from here

My crown of seven seas in bloom
Buried in the sand, I reclaim

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